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Let us Beat Cancer!

CCE is a non-profit organization determined to help the poor cancer patients in Ethiopia that couldn't afford to treat their illnesses well

Welcome to cancer care Ethiopia


Cancer Care Ethiopia is founded in 2007 by Ethiopian-Norwegian volunteer, Grom Moges. CCE is a non-profit organization determined to help the poor Cancer patients in Ethiopia that could not afford to treat their illnesses well. Cancer Care Ethiopian has been a home to many Cancer Patients for almost 10 years. We work to increase cancer care and awareness in the county to bring attention towards the increasing number of cancer cases.



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Raising awareness of cancer and treatment possibilities
We give counselling services during our Saturday afternoon coffee sessions where we bring the patients and other visitors together to inform on cancer related issues with a focus on the treatment and handling. We also use Facebook and other media outlets to inform and to raise awareness.
Cancer Home In Addis Ababa
After legal registration of the organization both in Norway and in Ethiopia, the first cancer home in Addis Ababa got opened on 14th of November, 2009.
Providing shelter, care and support
We support poor cancer patients by providing shelter, care, nutritious food, and transport services to the hospital.

What Makes Us Different?

  • Cancer Care Ethiopia is the only organization of its kind that is providing shelter and care to cancer patients in Ethiopia free which is free of any charge.

Our Target

  • We target poor cancer patients.
  • We give priority to women and children cancer patients